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The devastation the recent hurricane has left is unimaginable.  We need to do everything we can to help the victims of this disaster. 

Why is it needed?

As flood waters recede, rescue workers and victims face many health risks.  Significant accumulation of mud and sewage will leave germs, bacteria, infectious viruses and odors;  followed by mold growth and mosquito outbreaks, all of which create very dangerous living and working conditions.  This in combination with cramped shelter conditions and the impending flu season, sicknesses will become rampant.

What do victims receive?

The "FLOOD RELIEF KIT" includes a hospital grade disinfectant that is labeled to kill super bug H1N1 virus; as well as bacteria, mold, viruses and odors.  It is lab tested to remove 100% of mold, which is why disaster victims are able to quickly and safely return to their homes.  


The mosquitoes capable of carrying West Nile and Zika will be repelled by our Tick Knock Out which has become the #1 choice of outdoor professionals.  This repellent is naturally derived, contains no harsh chemicals and is doctor recommended.  It can be used directly on skin, pets and children.  Each bottle provides 365 sprays of protection.


The "FLOOD RELIEF KIT" provides a hospital grade disinfectant (makes 64 quarts of treatment solution), and a field proven natural insect repellent.  Our kits are shipped via faith-based volunteer organizations, and the kits will be distributed directly to flood victims.

If you were to purchase an even quantity of lower performing products on sale it would cost you over $200.  Our kit can be delivered directly to victims for only $39.95.

Why do we do it?

We at Native American Enviro. Tech. are a small veteran-owned company, who has been providing hurricane relief for over 10 years.  As a company who has experienced direct impact and losses by flood waters, we know exactly what is needed.  We have worked with faith based volunteers, disaster relief organizations and FEMA, to name a few.  To help those affected, we offer our "FLOOD RELIEF KIT", that has commanded a 5 star consumer rating. 

Please contact us today to help put important and life saving products into the hands of our affected friends, neighbors and fellow Americans.

Click picture to donate flood kit for $39.95