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1 quart, Hospital-Grade sanitizer concentrate.  Makes 16 gallons or 64 quarts of mixed sanitizer.

Kills: Avian Influenza Turkey/Wisconsin, Human Coronavirus, Avian Influenza A, virus Human Immunodeficiency virus type 1, Hepatitis B Virus, Influenza A2/Japan, Hepatitis C Virus, Norwalk/Norovirus, Herpes Simplex Type 1, Mold


2 bottles of Tick Knock Out.  365 sprays per bottle, total 700 sprays.

Repels and kills: Ticks, mosquitos, fleas, gnats, flies, ants, chiggers, mites, roaches, bedbugs and more!

100% Naturally derived (does NOT contain DEET), Made in the U.S.A., Eco-friendly, Fresh aroma,

Non-staining.  Favorite of hunters and fishermen. Will NOT harm honey bees, butterflies & other beneficial insects.


1 quart spray bottle.  Plastic, spray bottle with pump sprayer


1 metered measuring bottle.  Plastic metered measuring bottle to accurately measure concentrate.


1 face mask. NIOSH N95 mask for filtering particulates.


1 pair nitrile protective gloves.  Non-latex protective gloves.

Flood Relief Kit